AVSE Global’s Training Programs

November 25, 2020

AVSE Global (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts) is a Paris-headquartered organization of Vietnamese scientists and experts with a global reach, pioneering in strategic advisory, top executive education programs, and science and policy forums, bringing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Vietnam, through connecting collective intellectual strengths of Vietnamese talented experts and intellectuals worldwide with strong aspirations to contribute to the country’s progress.

Training Programs in 2017:

  • 3/2017: Develop sustainable urban facilities – Ministry of Construction (Vietnam)
  • 4/2017: Executive Training – Central Economic Committee
  • 4/2017: Executive Training – Ministry of Finance

Training Programs in 2018:

  • 4/2018: Transit educational model to BKCONTECH
  • 4/2018: Training program on Design, Construction and Underground Engineering Management – Consultancy Company limited of University of Civil Engineering
  • 5/2018: Training Program ” Initiative leadership in industry and trade development policy” – Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • 8/2018: Training Program “Prevent corruption for development” – Central Internal Government Committee 
  • 8/2018: Project 165 – Future Leaders

Training Programs in 2019:

  • 1/2019: Training Program – Improve leadership skills for provinces
  • 9/2019: Project 165 – Future Leaders
  • 10/2019: Executive training- Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics