Hack4Growth 2020 – And the winners are?

December 3, 2020

The Hack4Growth competition is organized by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), under the auspices of the State Committee of Overseas Vietnamese, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the desire to create an international playground.

The contest seeks to find innovative ideas and solutions, thereby contributing to promoting the innovation ecosystem and building Vietnam for sustainable development.

The contest received a lot of responses, participating from the contestants from more than 15 countries with extremely quality projects in many different fields. The finalists have gone through a rigorous training journey with world-class coaches.

After a journey of nearly 11 months, through many tense screenings and finals, the organizers are happy to announce the awards for the 3 best projects as follows:

First prize: “Egreen – Biogas electricity development, emission reduction and climate change response” worth $ 10,000.

Second prize: “Agrifood – Detection of plant diseases through images” worth $ 7,000.

Third prize: “MMM – IoT solution to help prevent water loss, electricity and gas electricity and data analysis to make a forecast of demand, the possibility of shortage in the future” worth $ 5000.

In addition to the 3 main awards, the program awarded 5 additional prizes to potential teams with 1 Macbook Air 2020 for each award. organizing Committee of  Hack4Growth announce:

The most favorite team voted by the audience: AIQuant – Smart analytical solution for the financial sector

The team with the most creative ideas voted by the jury: IAM – Application solution for image processing and robot in the nesting process.

The most potential team voted by the jury: Spacehub – The first parking sharing and connection platform in Vietnam

The team with the most social influence voted by the jury: Baby’s Angel (Children’s Angels) – An online solution to end violence and improve the quality of life for Vietnamese children

The team with outstanding progress voted by Mentors and the Organizing Committee: Project Cocoon – An online platform for creating, managing, and sharing projects of Vietnamese students.

Hack4Growth has provided teams with an incubator environment that helps turn creative ideas into specific solutions, with startup potential. At the contest, you were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to “shape” the potential entrepreneurs.

Accompanying Hack4Growth also has the participation of Vietcombank, Becamex, Amazon Web Service, Agriconomie, Quantcube, and dozens of other media and community partners.