Top 3 of Hack4Growth: Good for both business and the community

January 5, 2021

That is the opinion of the Advisory Board on the winning projects at the Hack4Growth Global Innovation Contest organized by the Vietnam Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global) for the first time.

On December 26th in Hanoi, the Hack4Growth Global Innovation Contest 2020 named the winners.

Accordingly, the first prize of 10,000 USD went to Egreen project – Biogas power development, emission reduction and climate change response. The team developed methods of converting farm diesel generators to biogas generators and supplied biogas generators with 60-150kVA capacity separately at 30-50% lower prices than Chinese equivalent machines and recover capital within 2 years. According to calculations, a 100KVA biogas generator will help reduce 100 tons of CO2 / year and save 500 million dong of electricity bills per year. These devices have been applied in several farms in Nam Dinh, Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh and Hanoi and are expected to become popular in the Vietnamese market with more than 23,500 farms.

The second prize worth 7,000 USD belongs to Agrifood – a platform for detecting plant diseases through images of biochemical characteristics, thereby giving the best advice to farmers, growers, bonsai growers at Home, … Founded by two young people, the project currently has more than 4 million photo data on agriculture in Vietnam. Focusing in the western region and Ho Chi Minh City, they are affiliated with 40 material stores and e-commerce sites to develop their applications.

The third prize worth $ 5,000 goes to MMM – an intelligent indicator reader (water, electricity, gas) to help reduce resource loss and analyze data to predict demand, the possibility of a shortage in the future. hybrid. Members expect their equipment to help penetrate the market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. . Currently, the device has been tested at Sumitomo company in North Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi, and reached a phase 1 agreement for application with 350,000 customers of Hai Phong water supply company.

n addition, in the Top 10 present in the final, there are outstanding projects such as DAC (Path for the blind), Children Angel (A digital platform to help parents raise children and stop violence), Bee Clear (English speaking practice community together), AIQuant (Intelligent analysis solution for the financial sector), IAM (Image processing application and robot in the nest cleaning process), Project Cocoon (Platform project management and sharing by researchers), SpaceHub (Parking Connection and Sharing Platform).

According to the Contest Advisory Board, projects that already have “pretty mature business plans” and “with support from different parties, will be great projects for not just doing business but also for the community ”.

“We are interested in the impact value of the project, not just looking for the best team to award”, Dr. Luu Vinh Toan, a Senior expert in data search, Move Digital AG, also Chairman of Vietnam Association of Experts in Switzerland, a member of AVSE Global, emphasized. “The Covid-19 pandemic created a strong impetus forcing every person and business to be more creative and flexible to adapt to a new norm. Many focused areas need to urgently innovate. “

And GS. Nguyen Duc Khuong – President of AVSE Global – commented that the performance of the teams is a testament to that Vietnam can become a “global innovation destination” in the near future.

After one year of implementation, the contest attracted more than 500 Vietnamese contestants in more than 15 countries with more than 30 projects in many fields such as environment, agriculture, education, technology, economics, and social security.

AVSE Global says it will build a platform to bring in the data of Top 30 teams and related mentors, innovators, and partners, thereby maintaining an innovation for Vietnam.